Why Your BRANDALITY Archetype Matters

Why Your BRANDALITY Archetype Matters

When I was younger (okay, last week…) I LOVED to take the quizzes in Cosmo magazine. Am I good friend? Let’s find out! Am I too uptight? Gosh, I hope not. Better take this quiz to see! Do I go overboard on Christmas presents? Certainly this quiz will have the answer. (Maybe I shouldn’t hand-knit a king size quilt for my crabby Aunt Bertha?)

In the same vein, we’ve all been having fun taking the BRANDALITY Archetype Quiz. After 30 questions and about 2 minutes, it gives you a piece of insight about your brand that you might not have known before. Or chances are, when you read the description it sounded just like your business – you just didn’t have the label before. It’s a lot of fun.

But, now that you know WHAT you are, WHY does it matter?

As it turns out, it is incredibly important.

The powerful part of identifying your brand archetype is that it connects your brand to a set of ideals that people – that humans – universally have.

Your brand conversation becomes more than about you. It becomes more than “great customer service,” “natural light photography,” or “creative design.” You can pull your focus away from things like what your competitors are doing, the web tools you should use, and whether your next product should be a video or ebook. It puts your focus on things that MATTER.

Things like:

Innocent >> Simplicity
Caregiver >> Helping
Girl/Guy Next Door >> Community
Hero >> Greatness
Explorer >> Discovery
Maverick >> Freedom
Entertainer >> Fun
Sage  >> Truth
Royalty  >> Excellence
Lover >> Passion
Creator >> Inspiration
Magician >> Dreams

THESE are brand stories that people rally behind. These are the types of values that turn a mere product or everyday business into a movement, into a mission. (And no, I’m not talking about mission statements – those are lame.) These are the things that turn customers into passionate fans and brand advocates.

For Apple, they began as a Maverick brand archetype (I’m sure you’ve seen their 1984 Superbowl commercial). From there, they have evolved into a Magician brand archetype, imagining and shaping the future of technology. These are the values their fan-boys (and girls) rally behind. Sure, the technology they produce is beautiful – but it’s more than that. It’s about the feeling they evoke about their brand.

Whole Foods has built their brand around the Innocent brand archetype. In a literal sense, they sell food that is simple, uncomplicated, and real. Beyond this, they are advocates for a lifestyle that promotes those same close-to-nature and pure values. People gladly pay higher costs to shop there and to be associated with them. The Whole Foods brand means something important to them.

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If you look to any brand, company or person that people have an unreasonable affinity for, you’ll see that they stand for much more than their products and service. They’ve created a movement or a mission that they stand behind. What’s yours?

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Comment below:

1) What’s your absolute favorite brand? Can you guess what their archetype and values are?


2) What’s YOUR brand’s movement?