It’s true.

You have a business bombshell inside of you, just waiting to break free.

Just like Beyoncé has her alter ego Sasha Fierce, your business brand has star-worthy personality that’s already a part of you. And your business desperately needs her.

But first, let’s talk about YOU.

You don’t want to be the person who’s envious of other people’s success, unclear where you are going, or self-conscious of what other people think of your business. That’s not why you became an entrepreneur.

You went into business for the freedom to pursue your passion. Freedom from the 9-5 routine. Freedom to go on that vacation to Italy without spending next month’s mortgage.

Question: The key to getting there?

Answer: Discovering + leveraging your brand personality (I call it your BRANDALITY) so that mere ‘customers’ turn into raving fans.

I like to explain brands this way:

Marketing and design got married and had a sweet little baby.

That baby is your business brand. As your brand grows up, it comes into its own. It has a distinct personality that people know and love. THAT’S BRANDALITY.

Unfortunately, lots of business brands get stuck in the awkward middle-school stage and never reach their full shining potential. They’re not really sure what they want to be when they grow up or where they fit in (and more importantly, where they STAND OUT).

If you’re ready to bring your business out of the pimply-faced stage of business or skip it all together…

Cue: awesome theme song. This is where I come in.

When a new prospect… Ick. Scratch that. When a new human finds you on the web, I help them to instantly UNDERSTAND, LIKE & REMEMBER you. You become someone they want to give their money to, unlike businesses that behave like a pushy mall kiosk salesperson. In fact, once you nail your Brandality, you’ll hardly have to sell at all.

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