Super Simple Technique to Rock Your Next Video, Sales Presentation, or Interview

Super Simple Technique to Rock Your Next Video, Sales Presentation, or Interview

Do you want to look and FEEL more confident in two minutes? Read on…

With personal branding, I study people that seem to have “IT”: that magnetic personality or presence that attracts people (and customers) to them in a way that looks effortless. Instead of just admiring from afar, I study what YOU can do (yes, even you) to attract customers easily to you and your business.

As it turns out, “IT” is not a magical thing. Confidence and charisma are not thing s you are “just born with.” There is science and psychology behind the marketing and branding techniques that create this celebrity effect.

Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business Professor and Social Psychologist published fascinating study about body language and how it not only affects how others see us, but how it effects how we perceive ourselves.

Here’s the gist:

Sit or stand in a power pose for just two minutes to raise testosterone (dominance hormone) and reduce cortisol (stress hormone). This also increases your chances of actually performing well (as rated by others).


My bonus tip:

When doing an audio interview or making an important phone call, make sure to stand with a confident posture when doing it – by literally “thinking on your feet,” you’ll convey a more confident message.

The results are amazing: By simply ACTING more powerful, you BECOME more powerful. (tweet this)

Her TED talk on the subject has been viewed over 5 million times:

Highlights from the video:
• Spend two private minutes before a high stakes event (presentation, interview, etc) in a power pose to look and act more confidently
• Don’t fake it until you make it – fake it until you become it.
• Not only does our mind affect our bodies, our bodies affect our minds.

Book recommendation: The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

This has been one of my favorite books lately. It dives deeply into how your mind affects your body language. It talks about the science of charisma – including exercises to get rid of self-doubt and criticism, which are major “celebrity effect” killers. Beyond how the mind affects out bodies, it connects to Cuddy’s research showing how the reverse is true: our bodies can affect our minds as well. The book is full of interesting scientific studies, relatable stories, and specific actions to take to improve your own charisma. I highly recommend it.