• Getting past what you do IDB24

    Everybody and their mother are trying to teach “branding.” They’re promising logos and fonts and colors and in the process, watering down “branding” and “brand strategy”. But branding in it’s truest sense is the decision you make that affects every other decision. In this episode we discuss…

    The difference between a working site and a site that works for you

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  • I beg (you) to differ IDB23

    Having a point of view is what differentiates you from a generic faceless person. In this episode, we’re going to talk about your point of view and put you to work flexing your contrarian muscles.

    “We get so used to being agreeable and being nice and sometimes we lose our grit and our gumption and our voice in the process.”

    Brand Challenge: Iden […]

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  • Do You Have a Repeatable Brand Process?

    Listen to the latest episode of the In Demand Brand show to learn about the ONLY time I get excited to emulate McDonald’s as a brand. You’ll also hear:

    What has me super-geeky excited in my business lately

    The exact steps I’m taking to improve my sales process

    What a surprising visit to McDonald’s in Rome taught me

    Join us in the Facebook Group  to discuss a part of your process that you are going to create a thoughtful brand experience with.

    Listen time: 6:57

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  • What is your Brand Context?

    If your Brand Archetype is your character, the context is the culture that your brand lives in. I use the Hunger Games movie to explain the concept.

    What is your brand context? What is YOUR conversation worth having? Come join us in the Facebook Group  to talk about it.

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