Kaye, My Brand Archetype is Wrong!

Kaye, My Brand Archetype is Wrong!

So, you’ve taken the brand archetype quiz, but your results are all WRONG. You’ve never thought of your brand that way, you don’t like the label, and it’s just wrong. All wrong.

(Insert pout here.)

What now?

1. If you’re having a strong emotional reaction to the results of the quiz, it’s about more than the quiz. A dear entrepreneur, Katie of the Small Changes project, took the time to write about her experience here. (Swoon.) A strong emotional reaction probably means that you’ve been avoiding an aspect of your personality or brand for some reason. Explore your reaction.

2. Remember that your archetype is more about your CLIENTS than YOU. It’s about the way that you make people feel. It’s about the values that your brand stands for.

3. If just don’t like the label, make sure that you read through the whole description. While the word “innocent” might not resonate with you, the idea of simplicity and truth might, and that’s what the innocent archetype stands for.

4. No archetype is better than another. I often find that I’m drawn to brands that are the opposite of mine – like Ashley Ambridge of the Middle Finger Project (maverick archetype), because it’s something that I’ll NEVER be. It’s a “grass is greener” situation. Archetypes/personalities that aren’t your own seem more appealing because you aren’t as familiar with them. Own yours.

5. Recognize that your brand archetype is a tool to define your brand and to connect on a deeper level with your customers. If you hate it, don’t use it. Use a different methodology to define your brand.