Big Brand Magician Archetype Inspiration

Magician Archetype brands can be really interesting, because they can take on many different forms. It’s a main strength of the brand type – the ability to mold and influence the world around them in new and progressive ways.

In this “big brand” example, Tesla shows off its Magician Archetype brand in visually exploring its advanced technology. Notice Tesla’s brand description – it speaks of innovation and changing the world.

Entrepreneur Magician Archetypes to Follow

To contrast the technology example above, I picked two Magician Archetype entrepreneurs who are as far away from that world as possible.

Stella’s artwork certainly has an “otherworldly” feel to it. I love how she combines her work with the mind-stretching landscapes of the desert. I’m inspired to look at the world in a different way when I see her work, which is a mainstay of the Magician Archetype.

Nisha balances the Magician and Lover archetypes, but is showing her Magician side here strongly. I love that she uses a diagram to explain her “Artistry of Freedom” concept. Using diagrams and symbols are a strong Magician technique to communicate your views to the world. Her incredible sky photo in the top right is perfect for demonstrating the feeling of “awe” and possibility we get when working with a Magician Archetype.

Tips for Showing Your Magician Brand on Instagram

  • Curate the visual experience of your viewer so they are transported to a different place – to your world.
  • Incorporate imagery of technology, symbolism, and other “magic” as it applies to your brand.
  • Stretch your imagination! Magicians show up in many different ways. What is the best way to express your vision for the future?

If you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take the Brand Personality Quiz. It’s been taken over 5,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand.

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