Are you trying to do too much? IDB21

Do you have great ideas and yet you’re just not moving forward with them? In today’s episode, we’ll talk about:

  •        What a weight loss challenge and your big vision have in common
  •        What’s really to blame for holding you back
  •        Whether you’re setting the bar too high
  •        What you can do right now to break this pattern.

“Create what you can, when you can. There’s value there.”

“Get started. Put your genius out into the world instead of waiting for it to be ready in its fullest form.”

Challenge: Pledge your action to publish something that isn’t quite ready or isn’t quite as massive and amazing as you want. Something you created quickly or is just a small piece of something. Even if it’s one sentence of an idea.  Report back to the group. How did it feel to get something out into the world?

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