Brand Clarity Coaching with Kaye

Brand Clarity Consulting

For special entrepreneurs & projects…

Sometimes, you aren’t ready for a full done-for-you brand development. You might not feel ready for the investment, you may already have a web project in development or your needs just don’t fit into a “standard” package. Or, your brand is already defined, but you want help living it.

You still want an expert’s eyes on your brand.  After all, it’s impossible to see your own brand clearly,  We get too close to our own projects. We have an impaired view of ourselves and anything else we stare at 17,000 times.

I can help with that…

For these special projects, I’ve created an 8-week Brand Clarity Coaching program.  It’s 100% customized to your brand and structured into a clear series of steps.

Brand Clarity Consulting

As your Brand Guide, our work will center around three main goals:

1. Create or renew your rock-solid brand strategy.  This will give you clarity, confidence, and certainty around your brand’s position in the market.

2. Get feedback, course corrections, support, and accountability.  As you create content I’ll keep you “on brand.” This feedback process can be used for your site design, copy, landing pages, products, and much more!

3. Tackle your TOP “Big Audacious Goal”…

Here are example “Big Audacious Goals” we can work on during our 8 weeks together:
– Work through your site page-by-page so it turns into a lead generation and client attraction machine
– Set up your first (or 4th) sales funnel so you start converting leads without 1-on-1 relationship building
– Create brand experience automations so that you can work less hours to achieve the same results
– Act as your Brand Manager to keep your team of designers, copywriters, and web developers “on brand.” I can also introduce you to great contractors.
– Launch your first digital product. Let’s leverage your expertise and time. (8 weeks isn’t enough time to create AND launch a full digital product, but it is definitely enough time to do one or the other!)
Our custom plan will be rooted in the bedrock of my brand strategy expertise and experience.

Your Brand Clarity Coaching suite includes:

  • Tuition to my Brand New Brand program ($795 value.) – This program details my branding process from end to end that I use with each of my $5K-$8K Brand Transformation clients. We’ll use it as your resource for your brand strategy. And also to support your goals throughout the coaching program. For example, if we need to pick a new color palette one week, I’ll refer you to that specific module in the course to support your work.
  • Deep Discovery Session ($497 value.) – This session will dive deep into your brand, goals, and desires for the 8 week program. It will set the tone, foundation, and plan for our work together.
  • Brand Assessment Report ($997 value.) – After the Discovery session, you’ll receive an initial B.A.R. for our work together. Your B.A.R. will include your current brand audit, market position and lead generation analysis, and 8-week plan. I’ll assess everything from your web design to your analytics to get a complete view of where you are now and where we’ll go together.
  • Bi-weekly Brand Consultations (4 calls, $1988 value.) – You’ll have Brand Work to complete between each call. The plan for that work will be in your initial Brand Assessment Report so you can plan ahead. We’ll also dedicate time to review any brand work you’ve completed on the call.

Full Value: $5,771.00+

Your Value: 3 Payments of $1,297

(At 0, 30, and 60 days)

Here, I will attempt to read your mind…

What happens when I say yes?

I’ll send over a “welcome kit” email to get us started. We’ll schedule your Deep Discovery Session and all 4 bi-weekly calls. You’ll also get a contract and your first invoice.

Do you have smaller coaching/consulting packages available?

For 1-on-1 work, this is my smallest initial package. If you prefer group coaching, I offer a program called Brand New Brand. After I work with clients, there are a-la-carte services available.

When will we start?

Due to the intimate & customized nature of this engagement, I can only take a small number of clients at a time. Once I reach that number, I’ll refer the next set of clients to the next available start date.  

What People Say About My Teaching Style

Simple action steps...

I love the way Kaye makes hairy, complicated ideas into simple action steps. She is calm and makes transparent what is usually a very murky or magical process.

- Dyana Valentine

Makes hard decisions easy...

Kaye is smart and she makes hard decisions seem easy. I’m grateful for her brand strategy guidance. She helped me clear my thoughts and dove straight into what makes me feel good about my clients, my business and myself.

- Christiane Boloson-Yee
Magically Rooted

Clean and concise...

Kaye is an amazing coach! Why? Because her style is clean, concise and cuts straight to the heart of what you are looking for while building your brand.

- Kelly KP Paige