Can I Have More Than One Brand Archetype?

Can I Have More Than One Brand Archetype?

Answer: Most people have two primary archetypes. Resist the urge to have more.

The reason I am so fascinated with brand archetypes is because I was searching for a way to narrow my brand. I didn’t want to narrow my focus by product (Facebook expert, G+ expert, writer, etc.) so I needed to find a different way. The brand archetype system allowed me to narrow my message.

After all, I have Sage aspects of my personality – I love to read and I appreciate people who do in-depth research. I also have Hero in me – I demand that people overcome their obstacles to work towards success. I also have a little bit of the Girl Next Door – I want to build a community of people who are passionate about improving their business by building a stronger brand. HOWEVER, my primary brand archetype is the Magician, which is why I focus my blog posts and language around the idea of transformation through this concept of archetypes. I’ve adopted this idea as my framework for viewing the world. It’s evolved the way that I think about brands. From the tweets, emails and comments I’ve received from my community – it’s had a big impact for you, too.

(I so love those of you who have taken the time to write to me. Thank you.)

I hope that you’ll use this tool like I have, to NARROW your brand. You know the quote – try to appeal to everyone, and you’ll appeal to no one.


  • Ashley

    I love this. You know that I've struggled with this from the beginning. Going from lover to innocent to girl next door because I am all of those things. But what I realized is that my true brandality is girl next door because overall my goal is to build a community of people who share the same passion and enthusiasm I have for changing the auto transport industry and doing things different {aka from the heart}.
  • Escape Hatcher

    I need to hear this SOOOOO MUCH! :-) Thanks Kaye!