Can I Change My Brand Archetype?

Can I Change My Brand Archetype?

Short version: Yes.

Longer version: Do so with extreme care.

Think about the brands that you love: Coca Cola, Red Bull, Harley Davidson, Marie Forleo,  or whatever brand speaks to you — and try to remember the message that they’ve communicated since you’ve known of them.

It’s been consistent, hasn’t it?

Coca Cola has communicated a message of simple happiness (Open Happiness! – innocent archetype) for decades. Harley Davidson has talked about the freedom of the open road for years (maverick archetype).

They have found different ways to communicate their message, but the core has remained the same. This day-in-day-out approach to building a brand is what WORKS. You can’t change your brand values every month and expect consumers to keep up.

However, like most things in business, it takes a while to figure out what shoe fits best. The beginning part of business is all about trying out different systems, services, products, promotions, etc. until you find out what works for YOU.

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