• Are you hiding?

    Are you hiding… … Checking Facebook for the millionth time today, but you spend time in business groups so it’s “networking” and “research”, right? … Reading blog article after article written by brilliant & successful entrepreneurs and wondering when it is going to be your time. Or if it is ever going to be your […]

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  • My 7-Figure Salute

    Tired of Entrepreneurs Talking About 6- and 7-figures? 6- and 7-figure launches, years, and entrepreneurs have been getting a lot of flack lately. And if I’m honest, I’ve joined in on poo-poo’ing too. It’s extremely popular these days to shame entrepreneurs who share their revenue stories to get new clients. It feels like cheap marketing. […]

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  • Do You Have a Repeatable Brand Process?

    Listen to the latest episode of the In Demand Brand show to learn about the ONLY time I get excited to emulate McDonald’s as a brand. You’ll also hear:

    What has me super-geeky excited in my business lately

    The exact steps I’m taking to improve my sales process

    What a surprising visit to McDonald’s in Rome taught me

    Join us in the Facebook Group  to discuss a part of your process that you are going to create a thoughtful brand experience with.

    Listen time: 6:57

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  • What is your Brand Context?

    If your Brand Archetype is your character, the context is the culture that your brand lives in. I use the Hunger Games movie to explain the concept.

    What is your brand context? What is YOUR conversation worth having? Come join us in the Facebook Group  to talk about it.

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  • In Spite of my Constraints

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing what has been happening behind-the-scenes as I’ve been creating my first digital course, Brand New Brand. If you missed the previous installments, you can catch up on them here, here, and here. As my deadline is rapidly counting down (I’m opening the course up for students next […]

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  • How to Banish Imposter Syndrome (for Good!)

    Are you an imposter? Well, are you? If you’re like me, that thought probably has snuck into your mind at your most vulnerable times. Perhaps you’re at a networking event where you don’t feel comfortable. Maybe business has been in a slump. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing up your competition and you find yourself wanting. […]

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