What I Believe

Business is Personal

We’re all human, let’s act like it. I live this truth every day by helping brands connect to the emotions, values, and personality behind their business. Earn someone’s heart, and you’ll earn a line in their budget.

Stay Weird

We’re all weird. And that’s wonderful. For my clients, I help them uncover their unique flavor of weirdness that’s been buried under the ‘mandate’ of professionalism for too long. When you sign up for my email list you’ll get plenty of proof that I’m a total oddball.

Think Big

You are capable of so much. Step into it. Small things often take just as much energy and time as big things. Spend your energy and time on something significant.

Entrepreneurship is Freedom

After our recent move from Hawai’i to Italy, I am more grateful than ever to be an entrepreneur. It’s been the key to my professional freedom and living the life I want. I’m obsessed with helping other entrepreneurs create their own freedom, too.

Behind the Brand

Hi there! I’m Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist. I’ve been fascinated with the magic of business my whole adult life. I started my first successful business at 16. I got my degree in Marketing and Psychology. And now, 13 years of working with businesses later, I want you to be the next brand I help transform.


My greatest talent is the ability to draw out a truly important message from a million different ‘good’ ideas to create something remarkable. In past roles, agency clients invested in high 5-figure contracts to work with my team. Now, I’m more passionate about helping people like me – entrepreneurs and small business owners – transform their dream future into a reality. I created the In Demand Brand Method to create a brand that attracts the best clients for you.


I truly believe that there is genius in every entrepreneur. By helping you share yours, I get to indirectly improve every person’s life that you touch. It’s what I call ‘exponential impact’ and it drives me every day. I’d be honored to be the partner that brings out your genius to share with your world.

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Let’s Talk About…

  • Emotional Branding: Why building in human values, personality, and voice is so important & effective for brands. Brand = belief.
  • Brand Archetypes: By recognizing your brand personality archetype, people are much more likely to respond emotionally. Stories = sales.
  • Military Spouse Careers: I’ve built my career around the military lifestyle and others can do it too. I love to share my story & resources to help others like me.
  • Women / Mom Entrepreneurs: I love to chat about blending work & life and being a mom who’s also an entrepreneur.

Guest Appearances

Places around the web that you can find me...

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The "Official" Bio

Kaye Putnam is a brand strategist who helps companies and people discover the truest expression of their brand. With 13+ years of experience, she’s worked with companies ranging from solopreneurs to national nonprofits.


She believes that every brand should act human with values, personality, and a point of view. You can learn more at kayeputnam.com or by listening to the In Demand Brand podcast. She’s the founder of the In Demand Brand Method and the Brand New Brand incubation program where she helps her clients attract leads & respect online.


kaye {at} kayeputnam.com



Let’s talk about making your dream future a reality.